This One Simple Step Will Help You Become Less Addicted To Your Phone

Did you know that most people check their phones roughly 150 times a day, in fact, most people check in with their technology best friend every six minutes. This is what Nancy Colier, author of The Power of Off discovered. When she was writing her book she came across these findings, findings that shocked both her and us.

Sure, it is hard to walk along the street without people glued to their phones – mine is sitting right next to me and I am using all my will power not to see who text me or have a scroll through Instagram.

Colier spoke to The New York Times and shared some tips for switching off. The suggestion that resonated most with us, mainly because it seemed the most realistic way to kick our habit in the teeth, was to determine when it is really necessary to use your phone and stop using it at the wrong time – even if this means creating no-phone bans.

Dinner with friends, do you really need your phone by your side the whole meal? No. Gram your #foodporn, snap all the people who will be jealous of your meal and then create a phone stack. First person to touch their phone (for unnecessary reasons) buys a round or something else you have agreed on.

She suggested that we “recognise how much digital use is really needed”. If you are like me it is imperative that you use your phone for work, I am one of the lucky people that actually needs to know what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast or what Margot Robbie’s engagement ring looked like.

The tip is to stop using your phone simply out of habit…I’ll let that sink in for a moment because I am almost certain that is the issue for, well, all of us.

You can read the rest of Colier’s tips here.

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