How To Pack The Perfect Airplane Carry-on

When it comes to flying it is really a means to get to your destination, unless you are lucky enough to be a First Class flyer in which case you have all the leg room and free champagne you need to enjoy the next 12 hours of your life.

For those of us who look to save their money for the destination, flying is a bit of a horror. There is general excitement as you board your flight, you made it through security and you can finally relax. Within 5 minute this excitement is gone and you are starting to count down the next 12 hours … watching Netflix at home all day is a dream but sitting in an upright position with a tiny screen doesn’t have the same appeal.

With a long haul flight in my near future, I have accepted that there is little I can do to make this flight as enjoyable as Netflix. Here are a few tricks I have found that can be packed in your carry-on to make your flight a little less like hell in the sky.

Empty water bottle to fill after security

Water after security is super expensive because they know everyone will grab their pump bottle from the store. If you have your own empty bottle you will be able to fill it up in the fountains and save your $5 for a magazine.

Snacks, all the snacks

Dependent who you fly and the time that your flight is will depend what you get given to eat. Grab some snacks, healthy where possible, and pop them in your hand luggage to save any hangry moments. Just eat it all before you land because if customs makes you throw out something it will not be a nice arrival treat!


Sure, the plane gives you an eye mask but it is not going to be as soft as one you get yourself. Find one that is soft on your eyes, not too tight and fits your face perfectly.

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Hydrating facial spray

It is common knowledge that flying dehydrates your body and you skin, so hydrate your skin with a facial spray. Something like Jane Ardel’s organic hydration spray will keep your skin hydrated and also minimise fine lines and pores to keep you looking fresh on your arrival.

Lip balm

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Any part of your body that can get dry should be taken care of.

Laptop, iPad, ebook and chargers

This is a no brainer really, how else would you entertain yourself and ensure you don’t annoy your travel companion within 5 minutes of take off! If you are really organised bring along some DVD’s that you can watch or a TV series you know you will enjoy – just be sure to fully charge your laptop and anything else prior.

Something to kiss goodbye to jet lag

Sometimes you need to take some help from the experts. The problem that exacerbates jet lag is dehydration, which is why 1Above aims to help you hydrate fast and release energy and Pycnogenol, which reduced the length and severity of jet lag. The drink or tablets, are full of electrolytes, pycnohenol and B vitamins that work their magic and get you destination ready.