People Are Hella Mad At Vanity Fair’s ‘Sexist’ Margot Robbie Article

When you think of Margot Robbie you think of an incredible actress who showed everyone that she is no damsel in distress. You also think of an Australian actress who we fell in love with thanks to Neighbours. We don’t think of an actress who is “can be sexy and composed even while naked but only in character.”

Vanity Fair recently had Margot as their cover star and there were high hopes for the article. Instead, it had winning lines such as “Robbie’s beauty and speed of ascent mask her ambition.” It also had an incredibly interesting underlying tone, one that Twitter users described as a teenage boy creeping on the blonde beauty.

Needless to say, the internet is mad!



People also noted how the writer referred to Margot as an ‘it’ in the second sentence and questioned how this piece was published.

However, the best comeback is from this woman, who turned the tables and raised the bigger issue of how different women and men are treated in the media.


Vanity Fair and Margot are yet to comment on the issue and the writer has kept quiet, only sharing the link to the article on Twitter where he received a lot of criticism.

Safe to say this contributing editor at Vanity Fair has some explaining to do! You can check out the article for yourself here.