People Are Outraged Over Calvin Klein’s So Called ‘Plus-Sized’ Ad

Calvin Klein is in the spotlight again because of their advertisements, but this time they were trying to do something right – they just failed miserably.

Model Myla Dalbesio is a size 10, which is classified in the modelling industry as a plus-sized model. She features in a new Calvin Klein advertisement as ‘the first plus-sized model’. Despite the fact that they are getting on the ‘plus-sized’ bandwagon a bit late, the sad fact is that this girl is classed as ‘plus-sized’.

Understandably the internet is pretty annoyed.

Myla has addressed the issue on her Instagram, where she said that she is not ‘plus-sized’ and that ‘she deserves to be represented and you do too’.


THE BODY ISSUE ~ I don’t know how or why but I guess this topic is inexplicably trending in relation to me once again, so I’m going to address it quickly. I am not plus size. I have never been plus size. Which is confusing, I understand, because for the first 8 years of my modeling career, that is the segment of the industry that I worked in and the board at my (former) agency that I was signed to. Why is that? Because 10 years ago, when I started modeling, no “straight size” board would sign anyone above a size 2-4 (and even size 4 was pushing it). Working under that label was the only way I could work. Luckily, things have changed in that regard. I am happily on the main board at @nextmodels, which does not distinguish any difference in size or shape of it’s models, just represents them as they are, without labels. How things have shifted in the past decade! And what is even more glorious is the amount of successful models of all shapes and sizes that we see in major media now. Luckily for the people saying that I am “not plus size enough” to be working, they have amazing role models they can look up to that may represent someone closer to themselves. Girls like @theashleygraham, @taralynn, @palomija and @jojacalled inspire me constantly. But I also think it is important for women that are my size to see themselves represented. Let’s not begrudge them (or me) for that. One of the reasons I post naked selfies is because I want other women to see that their own bodies are both normal and beautiful. I remember a scene in Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene, where Elizabeth Olsen took her clothes off, and I felt like I saw myself in her body, something that I rarely, if ever, saw represented in mainstream Hollywood. It made me feel good, almost like I was better understood. Can we all just work on understanding each other? Body shaming, whether it be too fat, too skinny, too athletic, etc. is unfair for all. We all want to be healthy, we all want to be beautiful, we all want to belong. I DESERVE TO BE REPRESENTED AND YOU DO TOO. We all do. And we all can be, if we start encouraging and supporting one another instead of picking each other apart ? #rantover #bodytalk

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While the industry is trying to be inclusive, images like this are not spreading a very positive message for women and men.