Pinterest Just Released An Incredible Feature That Will Completely Change The Way You Shop Online

Swipe up, down, left and right – this is the new way of shopping. You don’t need to get dressed, leave the house or brave the crowds thanks to Internet shopping. There has however been one small feature that we have always dreamed would become a reality. Picture this. You are scrolling through your Pinterest feed when you see it, that dress you have been searching for or those shoes that would complete your wardrobe. Only, half of the time there is no way to find out who designed the piece or where you can get it.

Seeing as Pinterest reads our minds so well, they have sorted this with a new shopping feature they just released.

The visual search tool, which has ‘real-time object recognition’, lets you shop products in a pin image. With the tap on an icon in the top right corner of your Pinterest screen you will be able to shop similar items and if you are lucky the exact item!

It is set to be rolled out in the next few months, so brush up your Pinterest account and save your pennies because you will now be able to copy your favourite fashion bloggers style!