Pinterest Revealed The Year’s Top Wedding Trends And They Are Far From Traditional

If you are looking for wedding inspiration there is one place you head to without a seconds though – Pinterest. Gone the days of of glossy mags full to the crease with gowns, shoes and wedding trends, Pinterest is up to date and above all free and easy to share with your friends.

So it is no surprise that when Pinterest released the years top wedding trends brides to be, in both the near future and not-so-near, got pretty excited.

The site released the hottest wedding pins and the bigger trends they exemplify.

Pinterest shared their board with the caption “in celebration of the 1-year anniversary of marriage equality, we took a look at the top trends in weddings. What did we find? A slew of new traditions to make & break.”

1. Creative (and much more practical) seating arrangements.

2. Petal toss bar.

3. Non religious venues.

4. Frozen desserts.

5.Late night snacks.

6. Mis-matched bridesmaid dresses.

7. Unplugged wedding ceremonies.

8. Honeyfunds