The Pioneers Of Natural Cosmetics Are Celebrating A Huge Milestone

2017 marks the 50 year anniversary of Dr.Hauschka, the pioneers of natural cosmetics.

It was 1935 when Rudolf Hauschka and WALA began developing natural medicinal preparations, on a mission to “support the healing of humanity and the earth” – one would call Dr Hauschka the true pioneers of natural cosmetics.

In the last 50 years Dr Hauschka has be come a go-to brand for sustainable, natural and organic skincare and cosmetics. Something the could only have dreamed of when their first 100% natural skin care products were launched in 1967.

In the early days natural products were considered avant-garde and progressive, especially in a society that was barely aware of natural preparations.

“When we developed these unconventional skin care products we naturally felt like rebels,” Vienna -born Elisabeth Sigmund, who ordered preparations from WALA for her self-developed skin care products said.

Sigmund, a cosmetologist, travelled to WALA and worked with experts to create facial care products that already complied with the standards we now have today for natural skin care products. Their solutions were made without chemical/synthetic emulsifiers and used natural essential oils for their fragrance mixes.