Poolside at last

After a dreary and cold winter I was expecting Spring to present some reasonable weather but alas it was not to be. The series of wet weather fronts that have pervaded our entire country over the past two months have certainly not been conducive to thinking about lazy hot summers around the pool.

However November hopefully will start to cheer us up and get us all thinking about refreshing our poolside environments and adding a bit of Style and Function

A good time around the pool, the sea view, the balcony and the deck can involve anything from a nap in the sun through to party guests and other sundry items being tossed into the pool in the early hours of the morning. Though I was reading recently that it is now not acceptable to throw anyone in the pool as ‘they may be wearing expensive electronics’ – presumably not waterproof ones.

So, when you have invested your time and energy into an extraordinary outdoor entertaining area the required ingredients to make it come alive are your fun friends or family, some drinks and very importantly, cuisine that matches the ambience that you have created.


The perfect solution is the Arclinea Artusi Outdoor Kitchen – designed specifically for outdoor areas. It not only looks like a sleek, minimal design masterpiece, it enables you to put your time into entertaining your guests outside in a professional manner rather than worrying about incinerating your expensive cut of Wagyu beef on an open fire barbeque
Arclinea’s Artusi project, like many great designs, emanated from technological advancements in materials – details that enable resistance to humidity (so important for the New Zealand summer) and good heat insulation. These advancements included using AISI 316 stainless steel with 40mm thick doors that provide built in insulation plus a magnetic seal to protect the interior from infiltration and insects and resulting in a heat insulated unit with deep internal drawers for keeping food and drinks hot or cold.

The built in barbeque hob is connected to dedicated gas bottle space complete with an air grille. With all these features in such a smart compact unit, it looks after the behind the scenes details of food storage and preparation while you can concentrate on showing off your skills as the ultimate chef, entertainer and host.


The next area of importance is relaxation – your outdoor furniture needs to not only look stylish and be super comfortable but should be able to withstand the onslaughts of party guests, children and teenagers all determined to have a good time.

Gandia Blasco is a Spanish company that has long been famous for innovative design in outdoor furniture for the hotel and resort industry. Their furniture has to withstand 24/7 partying in tropical resorts (tested to their limits in Ibiza) and also provide privacy plus shelter from sun and showers. Apart from outdoor furniture, Gandia Blasco designs and produces a range of accessories for outdoor entertaining – tents, outdoor rooms and shelters, fires, lamps, planters, candle holders and floor cushions. The outdoor room the ‘Cristal Box,’ pictured, is part of a system of outdoor pergolas – a perfect example of how, with a well designed product such as this, your pool or deck area can have its use for sophisticated entertaining extended well beyond warm, dry weather.


B&B Italia, famous for its use of materials as well as its stable of designers including the great Antonio Citterio, has a full range of outdoor furniture and accessories. The attached image shows Citterio’s Mirto range – very sleek outdoor loungers and dining furniture where the uninterrupted lines of the loungers are formed with the inventive use of long rollers rather than wheels and the clean edges of the thin Canatex body combine to create the ultimate in minimal functionalism – just what is needed for working on that tan.

Also shown here, from B&B Italia’s selection is classic Canasta outdoor furniture from Patricia Urquiola, one of the world’s foremost furniture designers. A group of sofas, armchairs and dining chairs in indestructible polyethylene fibre can be used to create a comfortable outdoor living room. Outdoor upholstery fabrics are now soft, comfortable and great looking – often indistinguishable in feel and design from high quality indoor fabrics. A perfect setting for civilised late afternoon drinks and conversation around the pool.

Whatever you want to enjoy or achieve socially this summer – great design and new technology incorporated into your outdoor area will enable you to get there in style as the most popular host around the pool.
Here’s hoping for a fabulous summer and lots of spare time to absorb that all important Vitamin D to give us the stamina to face an onslaught of summer cocktails and innovative cooking on your new outdoor kitchen combined with bucket loads of relaxing in your beautifully designed outdoor furniture.