Do You Have One Of The Most Powerful Passports In The World?

Whenever I mention that I have a British Passport I find myself receiving marriage proposals, not because I have an English accent or anything else about my personality that might make someone want to spend forever with me, but because they see me as an entry into the United Kingdom. Being able to live and work in the UK without a visa can be a difficult task

In an ideal world we would be able to travel to any country without hesitation and the dreaded process of obtaining a visa. Sadly this is not a reality and there are some passports that are more powerful than others.

Passport Index ranked Germany and Sweden as the most powerful passports, which means they can travel to the most countries without having to apply for a visa. Next up is Finland, France, Switzerland, Spain and the U.K, which are all tied for the second spot.  Although, with the U.K and E.U countries topping the charts, the Brexit vote could change the power rankings.

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New Zealand comes in 6th tied with Canada, which is not too bad considering over 150 countries issue their own passports.

Before you plan a proposal to your German friend, it is important to note how many passports one person can hold. For some countries dual citizenships is fine, such as the UK and New Zealand, while some countries do not let you hold more than one passport.

See how your passport rates on the power list here.