PSA: We Asked The Experts How To Save Your Dry, Damaged Hair This Autumn

Summer is officially over, and as we all let out a collective cry and yearn for the long, hot summer days, our skin and hair is letting out a breath of relief.

Sure, they loved being sun kissed, bleached and in sea-salted curls but they weren’t too fond of being dried, dehydrated and damaged.  It’s easy to forgot to care for these simple things as much as we wanted – goodness know we hope you at least applied sunblock though (Yes, to your hair!)
If your hair and skin is setting up an SOS call, do not fret. We have everything you need to save your hair this autumn.
Ah, Rapunzel had it right when she was obsessed with her hair. So many of us peg a bad day upon a bad, frazzled hairstyle. So it is no doubt when our hair is damaged and dry we start to panic.
The first thing we need to know, is what to do now it is damaged.
Replenish your hair with moisture and protein

Mathias Te Moananui, NZ Hairdresser of the year, from Buoy Salon and Spa is used to seeing damaged tresses and knows how to get us back to lustrous, gorgeous hair. “A common mistake [people make] can be thinking your hair needs only protein as it is compromised. While this is important, don’t forget moisture.”

Hydrate Hydra Whip – On the pot it says it is for ‘dry colour-treated hair’, which fits my ‘blonde’ hair perfectly. After a summer of days on the beach and a missed hair appointment (whoops) this product made my hair softer and a little more presentable. Chuck it on in the shower and leave it on for about 5 minutes (or if you are like me chuck it on for 15 minutes and then rinse).

It’s the party season! What’s your favourite beauty essential?

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Prevention is of course key.
Pureology Colour Fanatic – You know how you spend so much money on individual hair products to moisturise, heat-protect and smooth only to spend about 5 minutes applying and combing it all through? Yeah, I used to do that too. Until I found this product, which does all of it at once. Not only does this save you money and time, but it works. For me a test of a product is whether I can wash my hair, use the product and then leave the bathroom without having to dry it. A successful product will leave my frizzy, curly mane controlled with curls that look decent – this product does that so in my books it is a winner. Mathias is also a fan, which must mean I am a hair expert. “Pureology Colour Fanatic is my number one product for every season but especially summer as it has UV filters to fight the rays of our harsh sun, keeping your colour vibrant and cared for.”

Schwarzkopf sun repair leave-in spray –  This product is a lifesaver. Not only does it save your hair from sun damage but it also smells amazing, think baby powder! It is basically sunscreen for your hair that also prevents it from drying out thanks to sea-water.  Schwarzkopf New Zealand’s technical director Toni-Anne Arbon said the most common mistake we make come summer is not changing our hair care to suit the condition of your hair and your environment. “If you are spending a lot of time in the sun, use a shampoo with UV protection,” she said.

All day, everyday
Don’t forget to find some products that control and hydrate your hair all year round. I have naturally curly hair (I’m talking afro as a child), so here are a few of my favourite products that I swear by!

This perfect for platinum spray is great for keeping your hair soft (and safe from heat). Plus, it is great for those ‘natural blondes’ amoung us …


Honestly, this changed my life. It controls my curls incredibly well, so much so that I can wash my hair, towel dry and slather in this and 9/10 (environmental factors considered) it goes into nice curls.