Report Shows Whether It Is More Expensive To Raise A Boy Or A Girl

If there is one thing universally known about children it is that they are little money guzzelers from the day they are born – in the cutest, most loving and blessed way of course.

But is it more expensive to buy a pink onsie or a blue onsie? MoneyTips recently investigate whether it is more expensive to raise boys or girls.

They started by asking respondents what they thought and a whopping 60.5% of people believed that it cost more to raise a girl … but does it?

Girls are more expensive when it comes to clothing and toiletries, while boys are more expensive when it comes to school supplies. In all the other categories they were very similar.

So, if you are lucky to be graced by a little girl are you actually going to spend more? In short, yes, but not by as much as you might assume. Have a look for yourself at their findings.


The Costs Of Raising Boys Vs. Girls (Infographic)