Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone Are Perfection in This New Trailer, Will They Hurry Up And Get Married

Remember the best movie scene of all time, you know the one. Where a tipsy, alright, drunk Emma Stone is wooed by Ryan are-your-abs-photoshopped Gosling with none other than the Dirty Dancing lift that makes our hearts melt.

The duo are back together, showing off their insane on-screen chemistry in La La Land. The upcoming musical film is about a jazz musician who gets fired from his job over Christmas, Emma is a struggling actress. The two dance in the LA moonlight.

Gosling is handsome and Emma is stunning, what more could you ask for in a movie.

Think love, dancing and happy feet in this magical old-fashion musical.

I’m just going to leave the trailer with you because there is nothing I can say that is as incredible as these people dancing together.