Science Believes It Has Found The Secret To A Happy Relationship

How many weeks should a couple spend together to be happy? How many times should they have sex and how do happy couples fight? These are all questions we have asked those much older and wiser than us, mostly our parents, because who wouldn’t want to know the secret to a happy, loving, intimate relationship!

Thankfully, Happify has stepped up and answered all of our questions plus ones we had never thought of! Ultimately, it has found the secret to a happy relationship and it is all thanks to science.

Science believes that successful couples spend 5 more hours a week together than other couple, have sex 2 to 3 times a week and show humor and affection when fighting. Sure, the last one seems a little difficult, but the rest of the ‘secrets’ sound like something we could put into our day to day lives. So what else can science offer?

Photo credit: Happify

Secret to a happy life? A happy wife!