Science says money can buy happiness if it is spent on this one thing

Everyone says that money cannot buy happiness, but these people have clearly never bought a plane ticket and traveled thousands of kilometres away where they had the adventure of a life time, meeting new people, trying new things and of course enjoying local delicacies.

You may have thought that this is as close to buying happiness as you can get, and you are right.

Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, wrote a study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology called “A Wonderful Life: Experiential Consumption and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

In this study he concluded that “as important as possessions might be to a person’s identity and sense of self, they are not as important as a person’s experiences…We are the sum total of our experiences. We are not the sum total of our possessions, however important they might be to us. If called upon to write our memoirs, it is our experiences we would write about, not our possessions.”

Anyone with endless wanderlust will be nodding along to this, possibly dreaming of their next trip. Sure, ‘things’ can give you momentary happiness, and I guess happiness everytime you put on that investment pair of boots, but will you still feel that in 5, 10 or 15 years?

In other words, get out the credit card and use this as your excuse to book a holiday!

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