If You Are Serious About Losing Weight Experts Say Have To Do This One Thing At The Gym

When you go to the gym with the aim of shedding a few pounds it can be daunting, where do you start? What should you do? There are two distinct areas at the gym – strength and cardio. Most people think that if they are planning to drop a few dress sizes they should get moving on the treadmill and sweat up a storm, but reality is a little different.

According to research by Harvard School of Public Health we should be trading the treadmill for the dumbbells and other forms of strength training.

The study followed 10,500 healthy people over the course of 12 years to figure out what is more effective. The study found that those who spent 20 minutes per day performing resistance training were more likely to ditch the stubborn belly fat and in turn lose the weight they were hoping.

Most people associate cardio with weight lose because you can burn so many calories during your workout, but the researchers found that strenght training causes you to burn calories even after you leave the gym because your metabolic rate is through the roof.

This does not mean you should cut cardio completely from your workout, but you should not worry about strength training making you ‘too big’, which is a fear many women have.

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