Science Suggests Crossfit for Burning Fat Fast – Read My Experience

Having not been given the opportunity to spend the morning doing Crossfit, I probably wouldn’t have gone on my own accord. But having completed the workout, I am totally left wanting to go back for another, potentially my next fad?… Maybe but this I’m sure it will stick!

In terms of timing, this couldn’t have come at a better one. Lately I have been feeling particularly motivated and even went out to purchase some active wear over the weekend to really help with the motivation. So I showed up the the gym with an open mind and ready to take on the work out.

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The workout was led by Logan from Health101, at Crossfit West Auckland, and demonstrated by Canterbury Ambassador, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. Geared up in new Canterbury Spring/Summer ’17 workout threads, we were taken through a series of workouts which must not be underestimated, they were hard but give you that real sense of workout satisfaction and the next day burn… totally satisfying!

The warm us consisted of a selection of bear-crawls, over-head-lunges, worm-crawls and an upside down crab walk situation. It was good, you started to get that burn and really stretch out that sleepiness and wake-up properly!

Things most definitely heated up here. We tackled the rope climb, kettlebell-swings and toes-to-bar. Each set has a cap of 60 seconds so the first set was 1 rope climb withing the 60 second cap, then 10 kettlebell-swings and 10 toes-to-bar. Second set was 2 rope climbs, 15 kettlebell-swings and 15 toes to bar. The final set was another two rope climbs, ideally more swings and more toes to knees. I do have to confess that I don’t think I managed to get in the last few reps in that last set…

STAGE 3 – The final stage…
This is where we really upped the anti! 15 wall balls, 15 burpies and a 200m run… times three… within 10 minutes!

The high intensity Crossfit training is great to really build muscle fast, and bunt fat quickly. It is mostly taken in a group situation instructed by one of the trainers, so it’s like having a personal trainer at each workout. And being in a group, it gets those competitive juices flowing which really helps with your motivation the smashing of your goals.

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At your first workout, expect to  run, jump, lift, pull and throw your way to fitness. You will reach your goals faster than before by working hard all while having great fun.

Read our post-workout interview with Canterbury ambassador, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck here.