Science Says This Is The Surprising Reason Why You Can’t Shed Your Belly Fat

When I eat healthy and go to the gym for one day I am already looking for my abs to show up even though I know it is going to take more than one sweat sesh followed by spinach to make a difference.

We are all impatient creatures when it comes to results, which is why there is nothing worse than when you are kicking ass at the gym and eating with incredible control only to find the stubborn belly fat is staying put.

We’ve already shared two tips for waving goodbye to this belly fat with the best exercise and the best foods to eat to help shed some of the stubborn fat. Unfortunately, despite your hardest efforts and the combination of these two things there is one large hurdle that could be stopping you from shedding the fat.

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The most overlooked cause of belly fat is …

Your cortisol hormone, aka your stress hormone, plays a significant role in belly fat. It is a hidden cause and it does not have anything to do with your diet and exercise. Cortisol is essential for our survival and keeps us functioning when we are stressed. Biological Psychiatry found that when stressed women and non-stressed women ate the same high-fat meal the stressed ones burned fewer calories after.

If you are finding it impossible to shift the belly fat it could be because you are producing too much cortisol. Here are a few things you can do to reduce your cortisol.

  • Consume less caffeine: Caffeine is actually a stimulant and it enhances your cortisol production. Try switching to green tea as this will give you a little caffeine kick while also giving you catachins, which are natural stimulants that help to boost your energy and fight fatigue.
  • Eat more spinach: Spinach is not only a food that helps beat the belly fat, but it also helps balance your body’s production of cortisol.
  • Get more sleep: Dependent on the person, make sure you are getting between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Your body actually burns fat as you sleep as it uses fat as its primary source of fuel.



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