Science Says If You Are The Youngest Sibling You’ll Be A Millionaire

Siblings have the most healthy type of rivalry there is, it’s the perfect combination of competitiveness and love – who has the best toys, who has the best car and eventually who earns the most money. Dinner tables become home to competitive tales about how much each child earns, as the parents look on lovingly and proudly admiring their children’s achievements.

Whether you have been part to this conversation yourself or can see it in your near future, science now has a little insight into how this conversation might go. The good news in this situation is for the youngest, or as science likes to call them – millionaires.

According to academics at Birmingham and Reading universities younger children are more likely to become ‘risk-taking businessmen and women’ in later life, which is more likely to lead to lots and lots of wealth.

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Apparently younger siblings have “the drive and desire of last-born siblings to rebel against their parents,” which we have all seen in younger siblings. All the nights of sneaking out to late night parties and stealing the odd tipple from dad’s whisky paid off for the youngest among you.

The study found that in families with two siblings the youngest was 49 percent more likely to try their hand at entrepreneurship and become their own boss and in families with three siblings the youngest was 43 percent more likely to.

In the eyes of these scientists entrepreneurship = millions of dollars.

Older siblings there is some good luck for you as science says you are more intelligent than your siblings, probably because your parents spent a little more time on you. It would just seem that your brains don’t equate to millions of dollars. Might be time to hit your younger sibling up for that cash you loaned the back in the day!

Middle children, I’m sorry but once again there is nothing special for you.

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