10 Signs You Are Really, Really, Really Addicted To Netflix

Over the weekend I received an award, probably the first since I won player of the day in netball when I was 12. This award was digital, as all good 21st century accolades are and was gifted to me by Xbox and Netflix. I watched 10 episodes in a row, non-stop, no moving from my bed. (I also ate a whole block of chocolate but sadly Cadbury did not award me anything for that!)

Now,  when I received this I’m not sure how I felt (other than frustrated that it popped up and paused my show). This was not the first time I had done achieved this feat, it was simply the first time I did so on Xbox.

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Sure, I should be proud but I also felt like I may need to head in to NA – Netflix Anonymous.


I got talking at work about TV shows and it soon became very apparent (as if it wasn’t already) that many of us have a Netflix addiction/obsession/problem. If you think you might have a  similar problem you will probably be able to relate to a majority of these!

  1. You quote the show, all the time.
  2. You find yourself sitting at work thinking about the show, why are you at work when you could be watching Netflix.
  3. When you get near the end of the last episode you start to get sweaty palms, you cant decide whether to watch or wait (watching always wins). It is the most terrible time of your life.
  4. You are completely and utterly committed to the characters relationships. Their breakup is your breakup and you will cry if you want to.
  5. When it is over you start to realise that you have no friends. Where are Serena and Blair? Who will you talk to about your problems!
  6. You always try and direct the conversation to your Netflix shows. There is an orange on the desk, yes well I watch Orange is the new Black. 
  7. When you Netflix and chill there is no chill, just Netflix.
  8. You realise that you have no social life, especially when people comment that all your snapchats are you and your cat watching Netflix…
  9. ‘One episode’ turns into 3am and then you realise that there is no point going to sleep so you pull and all nighter.
  10. When you do manage to sleep your dreams are all about the show.


At the end of the day, does it really matter? Netflix is always there for you and for the small price of $9.99 a month that is pretty great!