7 Signs That You’ve Found Your One True Love

If you are in love you automatically think that this is it, this is who you will spend your happily ever after with, right? Wrong! According to a study people vary in the extent to which they can distinguish between their own emotions. So is it love, lust, settling or security?

Psychology Today has come up with 7 questions that will help you distinguish between love or something else.

1. You say “we” more than “I” or “me.”
According to one study, people who are close use plural words like “we” more frequently in conversation than singular pronouns like “I” or “me”

2. You are up for making sacrifices for the other person.
When you are in love you are likely to make sacrifices for you S.O. One study suggested that ‘costly commitment signals’, for example driving a partner to an appointment or giving a gift are pro-relationship. They stated that “Engaging in costly commitment signals is healthy for relationships, while the absence of these behaviors can damage the long-term stability of a relationship.”