This Simple And Common CV Mistake Is Stopping You From Landing Your Dream Job

Their is something so frustrating about reading a sentence and noticing glowing spelling errors, it makes the sentence loose it’s affect (right?!) In fact, it isn’t just incredibly annoying but it could also make you miss out on a dream opportunity (including a date).

None of us are perfect when it comes to grammar, sometimes we misplace our ‘e’s and other times we mix up our effects and affects. Thankfully, most of the time it is a forgiving world. When you text your friend she will just forgive you, your boss might think you are silly but at least you already secured the job and have the opportunity to make things right. New employees on the other hand, well they aren’t so forgiving or likely to hand out second chances.

In fact,  career coach and founder of HireLearners Rudy Racine told The Muse that one of the most fixable mistakes we make when searching for a job is supplying a CV or cover letter that is typo free, as opposed to a document swimming in typos.

When you think about it, and as Racine points out, typos can be a sign of laziness, lack of professionalism, low attention to detail and an overall low level of conscientiousness. All of which are skills you want to have and want to showcase in your CV.

So before submitting your CV or cover letter, go over it with a fine tooth comb. Know the difference between their and there, effect and affect and whatever you do, don’t trust word’s spell check. If you know you aren’t the best with grammar, shout a friend a coffee and get them to look over your CV, after all as Racing said “A fresh set of eyes maybe the answer to finding mistakes.”

While we are on the topic of your CV there are a lot of other common mistakes that you are making, for example;