We Asked Our Favourite Travel Bloggers The Tips They Use To Save Up To Travel The World

I don’t know about you, but it is hard not to dream of travel almost every day. Especially in a world heavily influenced by social media, which sees us constantly bombarded with photos of other peoples vacations. There are many things that stand in our way, work, money, time – the age old problems. But is money really as big or an issue as we make out? If you said goodbye to your morning coffee everyday, would you be saying Hola in Spain sooner than you imagined?

We spoke to some travel bloggers to find out just how to save for a trip in order to have your toes delving into the sand of Santorini faster than you ever imagined.


Alana Morgan from Paper Planes Blog kept her goal in mind.
“My biggest money saving tip is to have an idea of how much things cost in the places you’re visiting to be able to think ahead and know what you’re saving for. When I was planning to quit my job and move to Thailand, I knew that my money would go a lot further in Southeast Asia. Knowing that $1 could get me a quarter of a latte in Seattle or an entire plate of food in Thailand made it easy to forgo the afternoon coffee run while I was still working and save toward my travel goals!”

5 years in Thailand down! Brief post up on the blog now… [pc: @lightworks360]

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Tanya Shami from One World Just Go has a clear out.
“I always go through my wardrobe and clear out anything I don’t love  anymore or never got around to wearing and sell it on eBay or have a  market stall. Other than that it’s just the usual thing of limiting how much you spend on shopping and eating out.”

Going to bed dreaming of chasing hot air balloons at sunrise.

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Bali sure is winning the game when it comes to Instagram worthy cafes

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Alouise Dittrick from Take Me to the World has a structured approach.

To save for travel I recommend a three part approach. First, spend less money at home. Second, make more money. These can be hard, but they’re doable. What gets overlooked is step 3 – doing the research. Pick two out of the three; your ideal destination, your ideal time of year to travel, your ideal price. If you can compromise on the destination or the time of year (or both like I have) you can save a lot. I went to Helsinki last October because of a flight deal. Sure it was cold, but I would have paid a lot more if I’d traveled there in the middle of the summer. Check out travel deal blogs, flight search engines (Skyscanner and Google Flights are great) and hotel websites like Hotels.com or Airbnb to get a rough idea of how much your trip will cost. Plus the earlier you plan the easier it is to save up and have your trip paid before you leave home.

Elizabeth Harding from Passport Packed is full of ideas.

1. So this one’s a bit geeky, but in order to save money you need to be 100% aware of what you’re spending… so make a budget. There’s a great Google Doc’s template for budgeting which is free and super easy to use – start with this.
2. Eat out less. Stop buying a coffee and muffin each morning, and cut back on that lunchtime sushi (or whatever you’re into). If you’re anything like me you can probably save $50+ a week just by doing this!
3. Do activities that don’t cost a thing – especially now as the weather’s getting nicer! Go for a walk/ hike or check out what events are on for a fun but free weekend!

Spanish streets in summer ?

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