Sing Review: A Movie Most Definitely Not Just For The Kids

Everyone thinks that just because a movie is animated, it is just for the kids, something I strongly disagree with. Myself and a fellow twenty-something work colleague headed along to Sing, a film from the creators of Despicable Me and we laughed far more than the kids.

I remember a fair few years ago when I went to the Inspector Gadget movie with my friends and my mum and her friend and throughout the whole movie my mum and her friend were giggling away – embarrassing huh! At the end of the movie she said there were a lot of jokes that us kids didn’t understand. I finally understand what she means having seen Sing. 

For a ‘kids’ movie, the story line also had a lot of deeper plot lines to it that are actually really empowering – not in a cheesy, unobtainable way like some movies tend to do. You have one character who is put down by her partner and told she isn’t good enough, so rather than stay in this somewhat controlling relationship she proves that she is good enough. We all need a little sass in our life.

In fact with such a wide cast of animals, there was someone that everyone could relate to.

Of course, the best part of the film was the singing, funny that. There were a lot of covers, such as Reese Witherspoon singing Shake it Off,  Matthew McConaighey singing Call me Maybe and Taron Egberton singing Stay with me.

There are also a few original songs that you will actually want to listen to.

Just so you can put a person to the character, here is a list of the singing who’s who.

Buster Moon (koala)- Matthew McConaughey
Rosita (mother pig) – Reese Witherspoon
Mike (mouse) – Seth MacFarlane
Ash (porcupine) – Scarlett Johansson
Meena (elephant) – Tori Kelly
Johnny (gorilla) – Taron Egerton
Gunter (dancing pig) – Nick Kroll
Young Nana Noodleman (Sheep) – Jennifer Hudson
Old Nana Noodleman (Sheep) – Jennifer Saunders

All in all, I would definitely recommend heading along with the kids, with your mum or with a date who doesn’t take himself to seriously – you’ve gotta laugh! It hits cinemas this Friday (16th December)!