Snow globe nails are the latest trend to obsess over

When it comes to nail trends 2016 has had some pretty big contenders. From  KFC nail polish and the beautiful but impractical mermaid nails.

Now, there is a new kid on the block and they are so over the top you probably will struggle to ever pull these off.

The snow globe nail is exactly what it sounds like. A small snowglobe, full of water and glitter on your nail. Yup, shake your hand and watch the glitter shake too.

This is achieved by making a dome out of gel nail polish, filling it with glitter and water  and then gluing the filled dome onto the nail. Simple mani right?

This wins the 2016 nail trend to obsess over, while never actually trying!


If you do fancy trying the trend you could always take inspiration from @shirleynails and try vodka instead of water.