Standing out from the crowd: Leading from the front

Whether you’re lighting the business world on fire or building your own personal brand, it’s all about leading from the front. This could be tackling a new way of doing something, or being innovative – after all, you don’t have to actually be in a leadership role to lead from the front. Read on for our top tips to do just that…

Be clear on what you’re about
It’s almost impossible to make a statement if you don’t know what statement you’re trying to make! Understanding who you are and what you value can be challenging enough, but by becoming completely aware of what you’re about – what fuels you, what excites you, and what you wantto achieve – you are setting yourself on a path to success. You need to first get crystal clear on this and then own it. Set out a solid plan of action so that you’re not wasting time and money on staff and resources that aren’t actually facilitating you to reach those goals. Be confident and let your dream define you and drive your actions.

Consider your actions as well as your words
They say that actions speak louder than words. It’s one thing to say all the right things, but quite another to do them, and that’s what really means something. In fact, great leaders know that it’s what they do that really defines them. Make sure that you’re not just paying ‘lip service’ to your dreams and desires, but that you are actively chasing them. Just remember that to truly succeed you have to narrow your focus. You can’t be great at everything.

Roll up your sleeves, dig in amidst your team and do your part but also leverage the people around you. This will not only make your colleagues feel more valued, it allows you to do your best work. As well as the personal satisfaction of putting your all into something and doing your best, people will notice. You’ll likely find that others will go the extra mile for you too when you need them.

Model positive behaviour
Leading from the front is not just for senior executives.If you can exhibit the type of behaviour that you want to see more of – which you can do whether you are a cog in a larger organisation, an entrepreneur, or a student – you may very well inspire others to step up also. It’s about, in all your dealings, showing the type of behaviour that you want to be known for. Let your values drive this and you will not only build your personal brand but may also see a cultural shift where you work. If you are doing your very best work, have confidence in yourself and are respecting both yourself and your colleagues, you’re more likely to have people rallying to support you.

Act decisively
Once you know what you’re about, and you’re owning it, it’s much easier to be decisive. Have the confidence to back yourself to make sound decisions. People admire others who can quickly and logically make a decision and stick to it, as it shows courage and the ability to think clearly. In fact, this is often given as one of the primary traits of the most effective leaders. Not only that, it’s far more efficient than floundering around ‘on the fence’ or spending time going backwards and forwards on some important point. Obviously you want to take some time to weigh up the options, but being able to act decisively is vital in your efforts to lead from the front.

Richard ConwayRichard Conway is Founder & CEO of Pure SEO.

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