Starting a business isn’t just about money

We’re not all Ivanka Trump who has the backing of her ‘daddy’ to help her set up a business of her choosing, nor are we likely to be surrounded by the politics that she experienced in February this year when her father called out Nordstorm for their decision to no longer stock her brand. So without that kind of profile, how do you find your business idea and make it work?

Where to start?
The sky is the limit. Find out what you are passionate about and what makes you ‘tick’. But also think about the limitations you have. Are you currently in work but don’t have significant savings? If so, then maybe look at starting something on the side and saving at least 20% of your pay check to go towards establishing something full-time. Is the area you are passionate about starting to decline? If so, look at ways it can fit into the up and coming world and how you can modernise it and ensure that it is still relevant in 3-5 years.

Surround yourself with push-people
Push-people are those who will push you to be the best you can be. They will support you no matter what but also challenge you to do better or to think about a situation in a different light. Become part of a networking organisation where you can learn from other entrepreneurs and successful business people and remember it’s ok to ask for help. You never know, someone may have been in a similar situation previously and could shed some light on how to break free of the challenges you’re facing.

Live to work, don’t work to live
When you find something you are passionate about, it will be easy to get up and go to work each morning, even when the going gets tough. Starting a business is never easy and can be an emotional rollercoaster at times. The best way to get through it is to be passionate about what you do, believing in yourself every step of the way.

Know your why
To succeed in business you should have a purpose. If you’re passionate about what you do the ‘why’ should be pretty clear. One thing to remember is that every business must also be looking to solve a problem. Even clothing stores have a purpose; they’re there to allow individuals to 1) have something to cover themselves with, and 2) be a way for individuals to express themselves. To be dynamic and relevant though, you have to continually be looking to challenge yourself and looking beyond the obvious. I started a business with practically nothing in a country where I didn’t know anyone, but I pushed myself and knew I was doing something that I believe in.

Expect no
It’s very easy for people to say no and that things can’t be done. If you think about a toddler for example, they love to say ‘no’. A lot of people struggle with change and only know what they have seen before. Don’t be disheartened by the rejection or the doubt that others may cast over you and your ideas. Take them as a challenge; something to build upon. When others say ‘you can’t’, use your ‘why’ to drive you to change the world – even if it’s just by allowing one person to express themselves.

Sometimes all it takes is a belief in oneself and a determination to do something. We don’t all have parents that can fund our projects, but we do all have a fire that can drive us forward to succeed in whatever it is that we choose to do.


richardconwayRichard Conway is Founder & CEO of Pure SEO.


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