Study Confirms Whether You Can Actually ‘Die From Heartbreak’

If you have ever felt heartbroken you will understand the statement ‘I feel like I could die from a broken heart!” Well, it seems this statement is not an exaggeration.

In a research article published in Open Heart, doctors found that there is a long-term risk of atrial fibrillation following the death of a partner.

In other words, you have an increased chance of developing a heart disease after experiencing a severely stressful life experience.

The study, which took place in Denmark from 1995 through 2014, closely examined the association between partner loss and the risk of atrial fibrillation.

“The loss of a partner is considered one of the most severely stressful life events and is likely to affect most people, independently of coping mechanisms. Bereavement often causes mental illness symptoms such as depression, anxiety, guilt, anger, and hopelessness,” the study stated.

Falling in love, while one of the best feelings in the world, can also be incredibly tough on your heart!