A New Study Reveals Who Makes More Money, Women Who Wear Makeup Or Women Who Don’t

Putting a full face of makeup on every morning takes a lot of time and commitment, time I would rather spend encased in my duvet. Unfortunately, it seems that my choice to spend an extra 5 minutes in bed rather than contouring my cheekbones could cause me to make less money.

It sounds barbaric, surely the long-standing rumor that more attractive people get paid more is just that, a rumor! Sadly not.

study, by sociologists Jaclyn Wong and Andrew Penner, confirmed that attractive people get paid 20 percent more in the workplace than “average” people.

Of course, attractiveness differs for men and women, because, men aren’t judged on their looks as much as women are.

But that is not all. The research suggested that grooming, hair, makeup, etc, was what actually accounted for nearly all the salary difference for women of varying attractiveness, while for men it made no where near the same difference. So, filling in your brows and mastering the hottest up-do could actually see you make more money – all because you appear more attractive.