This Study Will Make You Never Want To Step Foot In A Gym Again

Are you a bit of a gym bunny? If you are you might want to sit down because thanks to a new study we have some incredibly disturbing, but not entirely surprising, news about the germs at the gym.

The study, conducted by, took samples from 27 different types of gym equipment and to find how much bacteria was on each piece of equipment.

The study found that the treadmill has 74 times more germs than a public bathroom tap, while the spinning bikes have 39 times more bacteria than a school lunch tray and your average individual gym weight contains 362 times more bacteria than your toilet seat!


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All of the equipment they tested had bacteria that can cause skin infections and other illnesses.

Of course, while we could use this as an excuse to never step foot in a gym again there is a better solution.

The researchers suggest  you “disinfect machines both before and after you use them, never walk around barefoot, don’t touch your face, and always wash your hands and change out of your gym clothes immediately after a workout.”

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