This Surprising Thing Could Hold The Secret To A Happier Relationship

So you have found the person you want to spend every day and night with, good on you – a happy, loving relationship. The days of dressing up to the nines to impress someone are beyond you and you can wear active wear for everything, especially sitting and watching TV.

A relationship does hold a whole new kettle of fish – date night, anniversary celebrations, where do you spend Christmas? Before you have yearning thoughts for your single, carefree days, think about the benefits – Netflix and chill. By this I mean Netflix and chilling, not what the kids mean when they say this.

Your couch and Netflix subscription not only become the pillar to your relationship, but it might also be the secret to a happy one.

According do a study conducted by Netflix, planning a ‘Netflix and Chill’ date is what 72% of people prefer to do on a casual date night. In fact, 58% of people say they bond with their significant other over the selection of shows and movies.

While tension is felt some nights when it comes to deciding between Narcos or Gossip Girl, 35% of couples admitted they trade show for show.

What are you waiting for, pencil in a night of Netflix and chill and feel your relationship strengthen!