Science Finds Who Lives Longer: Short Or Tall People

Being short is a struggle! People laugh at you when you can’t reach things on the top shelf and ‘midi’ dresses were the best trend to come out – hello maxi dress!

I have to be honest, I only understand this because I am the one laughing at my vertically challenged friends, I’m average height and loving it. But it seems my fun size friends might have the last laugh as they are likely to outlive me and my taller counterparts.

The theory goes like this:  “growing faster and being bigger will mean that you’ll have a shorter life, and we’ve seen that in rats,” Mary Schooling, a professor at the City University of New York School of Public Health and Health Policy said.

So there you have it, from an evolutionary perspective tall people have a price to pay!

If you are tall don’t panic, while certain links have been found between short stature and long life  it is tough to know whether there are other influences such as nutrition and socioeconomic status.

If you are short however, keep it in your arsenal for next time your vertically blessed friends decide to take the mickey of you!

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