The #1 Workout We Need To Commit To This Winter

As the colder months creep in, excuses arise for not getting up and going to the gym, I know I am not alone in this.

My trick for keeping motivated is doing Yoga, a workout I enjoy that just so happens to be good for my mind and body – especially in the winter.

Director of Creature Yoga and Wanderlust yoga instructor, Tahl Rinsky said yoga “helps lift dull lazy energy that is usually present during colder months…We tend to be less mobile during the winter months, yoga helps us stay opened and expansive in our bodies, it releases stress and builds internal heat.”

According to Rinsky there are three moves we should focus on (that means if you miss a class you should do these at home!) These are sun salutations, spinal twist and pigeon, as each focus on major muscle groups and common problem areas.

Sun Salutations

Spinal Twist


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Whether you are a yoga-novice or a yogi, the best way to look like you know the difference between a downward facing dog and a the child pose is dressing for success.

The right tool

We love WE-AR’s 100% naturally sourced, recyclable rubber mat, which is embedded with jute for non slip yoga practice.


The perfect pants

Yoga is a time you should let your individuality shine, which is why these Venus & Milo yoga pants are perfect.

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