The Driving Force Behind Fashion Designer Kate Sylvester’s Success

Kate Sylvester started out sewing everything under the name of sisters. Unfortunately, they were sued for that name and quickly became known as Kate Sylvester. Kate admitted that when it all started she did not have the confidence for the brand to be ‘Kate Sylvester’. But now, her brand is worn with elegance and style – and everyone knows the name.
Having been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, Kate is a true success story. From early setbacks, to sewing each and every piece, Kate now has to pinch herself every time she sees someone on the street donning one of her pieces. The designer also had one confession on the night, she only ever wears Kate Sylvester clothing, even when she is at the gym or tramping – which she does in her fur jacket.
Kate shared these tales at Mercedes Benz exclusive events, which see leaders in their field discuss their road to success. The first guest speaker was Iconic fashion designer and Mercedes-Benz Friend of the Brand, Kate Sylvester. She was joined by French Kitchen chef and fellow friend of the brand Simon Wright, who impressed the guests with an exclusive degustation menu.

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