The Future is Female (Is It)?

In 1893 we were the first country to give women the right to vote and we set a global benchmark for equality. In saying that, one would think New Zealand would continue to strive to be at the forefront of equality in every area of life. That is not always the case it would seem.

Unfortunately, New Zealand ranks in the ten worst performing countries for Women in Business, according to the Grant Thornton 2017 Women in Business report. According to the report, ” only 20% of leadership positions held by women and 37% of businesses with male-only executive teams. Australia fares better, with 23% of senior roles held by women and 20% of businesses with no women in senior positions, but it has seen no movement on last year.”


Many of today’s companies are still run by male-only teams and they are in danger of myopia when it comes to risk.” – Francesca Lagerberg Global leader for tax services and sponsor of women in leadership Grant Thornton

Francesca Lagerberg, global leader for tax services and Grant Thornton sponsor for women in leadership says “companies today need to be more productive, more innovative and in many ways more open if they are to thrive.”


  • 25% of senior roles are held by women, globally.
  • 34% of global businesses have no women in senior leadership roles.
  • In New Zealand only 20% of leadership positions held by women.
  • 37% of New Zealand businesses with male-only executive teams.



It has been 124 years since we got the vote, hopefully it doesn’t take us another 120-odd to get back to where we need to be.

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