The Internet Is Outraged With This Woman Posing With Slain Wildlife

If there is one thing majority of people can agree on it is that they do not want to see images of slain wildlife popping up on their news feed. Sadly, there are people out there who take hunting as a sport too far and take the life of some of the most endangered animals in the world and then post it on social media alongside pictures of their baby and hilarious’tag your friend’ memes.

The latest person of interest is mum-of-one Anna-Marie van der Westhuizen, 32, who is being referred to as a ‘glamorous and blonde’ trophy hunter.

The fact that the media is paying attention to her looks and glamour simply because she is blonde is a whole other issue. But the biggest issue at hand is the fact that she is regularly posting images of the African animals she has slaughtered, including elephants, hippos, lions, giraffes and cheetahs.

I am not surprised if you are feeling a little ill and emotional right now.

South African Van der Westhuizen kills the endangered animals for a living! She runs a hunting company called African Pride Hunting with her husband Chris. Their website suggests their ‘trips’ offer “to cater for hunters looking for the thrill that accompanies the adrenalin-fuelled adventures of hunting dangerous game.”

“We hunt all across Southern African (sic), aiming to bring you the best possible hunt and delivering the best possible trophy.

“Whether it is tracking elephant on foot or the fast paced chase for lion or even playing the patience game with leopard or crocodile.

We offer it all at affordable prices and customers tailor made packages.”

Needless to say people are not impressed and take to their Facebook page to complain with hardly any positive comments on their page (I could only find one and I scrolled through A LOT.)

“The fact that you are based in South Africa, one would think you would use your position to HELP these animals – but instead you choose to hunt and maim these animals for the sake of a sick, deluded sense of accomplishment.” One person commented, another agreed “This is disgusting, you have no right to kill these beautiful animals. What for? Pride? Show off? What kind of monsters are you?”

Since when did it become okay to refer to these endangered animals at trophys? You are bound to remember the case of Cecil the African lion who was illegally hunted and killed by American dentist. Every one went off at him, including celebs who spoke out about hunting.