The Internet Thinks They Have Figured Out Who Rory Gilmore Ends Up With

Where the internet leads we will follow, especially when it comes to fan theories over who Rory will spend the rest of her life with.

Beady eyed fans have been scoping out the IMDB page for the upcoming Gilmore Girls reboot and think they have figured out Rory’s one true love.

Her former flames are all back on board, but not for every episode. Dean and his boyish charm will only appear in 1 episode, bad-boy Jess and fan favourite will be in 3 episodes and the one and only Logan will appear in all 4.

You can probably see where fans are going, with many assuming that it is Rory and Logan breaking the rules together forever. He did propose after all so maybe Rory had a change of heart after she was an independent woman for a while!


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Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has confirmed that fans of the show will be satisfied, but she is the same woman who played with our hearts for 7 seasons when it came to Luke4Lorelai so whether we can trust her is still uncertain.

I guess we will have to wait until November 25th until we know for certain, although there are certain to be some hearts broken either way.

In case you have been MIA for the last few months, let me catch you up. Gilmore Girls is FINALLY coming back with A Day In The Life, which will be four 90 minute episodes.

The show will be based around Rory returning to the beloved Stars Hollow following Richard Gilmore’s passing. (Get the tissues ready because this will be a sob fest, especially as Edward Herrmann passed in 2014).