The Latest Nail Trend Is Absolutely Mesmerising And So Over-The-Top That You Have To Try It

Nail trends come and go faster than you can ever actually master them – mosaic-style glass nails took some time. But as far as nail trends go, the latest one that is sweeping Instagram is to die for, albeit completely over the top and slightly impractical.

Introducing exquisite aquarium nails, the latest nail trend that allows you to live out your dream of being land-dwelling mermaid.

#aquariumnails I’m going to try it I really wanna do it

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Beth’s new nails, pink, purple, bling, and aquarium nails ???? #nailsofinstagram #swarovskinails #aquariumnails

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Of course, the latest trend is far from easy. First, salon artists set the nails by injecting baby oil and glitter between a special double-paned acrylic nail. Then, because they do not have enough glitter already the nails get bedazzled with even more glitter, tiny starfishes and whatever else mermaids would have on their nails.