The Ultimate Sex And The City Guide For Eating And Drinking In NYC

Nearly 20 years ago we made four new friends, you could even call them best friends. Sure there were times their actions drove us a little crazy, but judging our friends isn’t our style. We dreamt of raiding their wardrobes and most of all we fantasised about joining them for a Cosmopolitan or two at the hottest NYC club.

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte knew how to dress (most of the time) and they always knew how to have the best morning-after brunch de-briefs and the girly nights out.

Whether you are planning a trip to New York in the near future or purely dreaming of the ultimate SATC tour, CableTV has put together the ultimate Sex and the City dining guide.


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With 35 hot spots to pick from, here are 5 of my favourite spots – complete with images so you can recreate the moment.

1. The Loeb Boat House / Season 3: Episode 18

Also known as the episode where Big and Carrie fall in the lake after he tries to kiss her. Sure they never make it inside, but this is without a doubt one of the greatest moments in Big/Carries love story.

  • This spot is also featured in When Harry Met Sally and 27 Dresses.


2. Buddakan / Sex and The City Movie

The site of the rehearsal dinner was a moment all of the ladies will never forget, but the best part is without a doubt Samantha shutting down Big’s guest.


3. Cafeteria / Throughout the series

This is one of the more popular spots for the girls having lunch. If you just have one chance for a SATC themed lunch, head to cafeteria.

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4. Magnolia Bakery / Season 3: Episode 5

This place became a hotspot in NYC after Carrie and Miranda treated themselves to some cupcakes and talked about Carrie’s crush on Aidan.



5. Bubby’s High Line / Season 3: Episode 18

This is by far my favourite Sex and the City moment. The girls are all together loving life and their outfits are so on point. Samantha is making amends with her noisy neighbours in the Meatpacking district and the girls are showing off their sass.



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