These Are Some Of The Most Honest and Achievable Tips For Career Success

There is nothing we love more than a little bit of girl power, especially when it comes to tackling one of the most difficult challenges in our lives – the workforce.

On a daily basis women worldwide admit they have experienced less pay, less respect and less support than their male counterparts. We aren’t here to throw a pity party though, we are here to unleash our inner girlboss and support other women.

The perfect example of this, of women unleashing their inner girl boss, was an event organised by Workher, an online survival guide for the young working woman. Workher’s founder Laura Platts is a twenty-something-year old who wants to help women back themselves in a work-world that is tough to navigate.

At a recent Workher event girl bosses united to listen to Juliette Hogan, one of New Zealand’s freshest and most-loved fashion designers. At the chat she opened up about having self-confidence and success.

Platts: Things can be quite daunting for young women in the workplace and a message we always give other women on The Workher is ‘Back Yourself’. How do you make sure you’re doing this and getting your opinions across?
Hogan: “I used to be the shyest person. It was incredibly crippling, if you’d asked me to do this five years ago I would have said no. I think as my career has developed and I’ve grown up I feel incredibly confident with what I produce at the moment with my designs. I absolutely love what I do and how can you not be confident talking about something when it’s such a great love of yours? I know my subject matter better than anyone else does. So that helps with the confidence. It’s practise. The more times you do things, the better you become at it. Confidence gets you so far in life. If you stand tall and if you’re kind to people, people want to be part of it. Confidence instils interest in people.”

P: As cliché as it sounds sometimes you do have “fake it ‘til you make it”, do you agree?
H: “We’re all faking it, right. I’m sitting here still waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and ask why I’m doing this. The nice thing is being apart of groups like this.

P: I find self-doubt is something that can affect a lot of women at work, how did you go about this?
H: “I had such huge self-doubt earlier but there must have been some belief inside of me that I should keep doing it. It would have been so easy for me to just stop but then I wouldn’t have known what to do next.”

P: How would you define success for you and going back to your mid-twenties, how would you say people should be looking at the word success?
H: “I think it can mean so many things to different people. The way that I say I’m successful when I talk about being successful is that I have a life that I really enjoy. I have a wonderful partner, a gorgeous child, I get to travel and I have wonderful friends. To me that’s success. I’m an ambitious person, I like to grow my business year on year and I achieve my targets. So I see that as success. Monetary value isn’t success, it’s the fact I’m growing and achieving a business that meets my goals. 10 years ago when I started I didn’t know what success was going to be to me. I was proud of the fact that I had gone out and tried something and that I was making a go of it. And I think that can be success as well. It doesn’t necessarily need to be financial. Everybody has different goals, dreams and ideas for success. For some people it might be that they want to drive a brand new Audi Q2. When you’re setting out and if you’re in the early stages of your careerand you define what success is for you, then you’ve got that to work towards.”

If this sounds like the kind of girl gang you want to be involved in, check it out here.