These Are The Most Inspiring Fitness Models To Follow On Instagram

When it comes to spicing up your fitness regime it can take a little while and a lot of money to see the results that you desire. Namely a spike in motivation and a change in the way your jeans fit.

If you want some free motivation in the palms of your hands you need to look no further than your favourite social media platform – Instagram.

Known for its #fitspo and #cleaneating crazes, Instagram is the only place you need to check out if you need a little inspiration to get you up in the morning.


Kayla Itsines

Kayla took over the #fitspo world with her programmes and her Instagram does not disappoint. If you can’t commit to her programmes you can get motivation from her account.


Full body burn ?? 10-15 reps of each… for 3 rounds … I dare you ?

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Arms workout (old video) ???? 10-15 reps of each exercise for 3 rounds ?

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Ashley Bines

If you like challenges Ashley is perfect for you. From Bikini Body challenges to 28 day booty challenge, she has created them all. To get her full tips you need to get her programmes, but her Instagram has plenty of inspiration and cute snaps of her baby.


BOTH in the fitness industry and friends ?!? WHHHAAATT?? This happens???? Yep it’s called maturity / support / empowerment / encouragement / love – I LOOVE supporting and collaborating with other fitness babes – so many don’t even want a Bare of me or straight to asking what they will get from me lol call me old school but I love making friends who like the same stuff I do aka working out in cute matching clothes hahah – this industry I question why some people are even in it – so competitive when we are just meant to be helping each other – but this is my girl @shineasali we are wearing @lornajaneactive and this is one Amazing workout for you BOOTY!! Try it and TAG your friends !!! If this gets a decent amount of tags I’ll know you want More FREE Workouts ! . #allaboutthatbase . @shineasali will be one of my main trainers helping at the melb booty event – and even cuter our babies are only 3 weeks apart hehe . . Oh and to see today’s workout with our trainer @nickosxx at @ashybinestc follow me on SNAPCHAT : ashybines1 .

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Cassey Ho

Creater of POP Pilates, Cassey Ho shares snippets of herself doing moves to inspire you. Side planks in Hawaii seem so much more exciting to watch and then do right?


Ballet Beautiful

If you are looking for a slightly different way to sculpt your body Mary Helen Bowers’ @balletbeautiful has you covered. Lily Aldridge and Liv Tyle are huge fans of BB and Natalie Portman has her to thank after Bowers trained her for Black Swan.


Afternoon workout ?? #BalletBeautiful #jump #BalletBeautifulFit ?

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Kirsty Godso

We all have a soft spot for Nike and their master trainer Kirsty Godso has us excited when we check out her Instagram. In among shots of her world travels she shares fitspo images that will have you popping on your Nikes and going for a run.


When in doubt, slam it out ??? @nikewomen #workoutwednesday #betterforit

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Improvising ??? @niketraining #NTC #nikewomen

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Nothing is promised. Earn everything ? #weworkit #nikewomen

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Shauna Harrison

Last, but certainly not least, is fitness, yoga, hip hop, sports and public health extraordinaire Shauna Harrison. If her Instagram snaps and short workouts do not get you off the couch then there is little hope.


Archived burpees FTW. Yet another from last year. F a v e. Day 29: Spiderman Kickthru Burpee #julikeburpees #sweataday 1 – Start in a plank position. 2 – Bring your left knee to your left shoulder [spiderman] and set the foot down outside the left hand. 3 – Here’s one tricky part: Transfer the weight into the left foot and the right hand as you bring the right leg to kick thru [say what?!?! See the vid!!] 4 – Bring the right foot back out to the plank. 5 – This is the other tricky part: Bring the left leg back to meet the right as you simultaneously bring the hands off the ground and stand up [or jump up]. You’re going backwards here. 6 – Come down bend your knees and land in a plank [also somewhat tricky]. 7 -Repeat other side. 8 – Repeat the whole thing side to side. #spidermankickthruburpees #spiderman #burpeehell #burpeeseverydamnday #iheartburpees #burpees

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