These Are The Shows That Get Binge Watched The Fastest On Netflix

Binge watching TV is by far one of our favourite past times, especially now that winter is upon as and there is no real reason to leave the house!

Personally, I am proud when I manage to make a show last more than a week or two as I seem to be an over-achiever when it comes to binge watching. Sure, I am proud, but that emotional feeling when you make the end of a series or have to wait for the next episode is all sorts of hell!

Netflix knows all about our tendency to binge watch, so they have released a Binge Scale. It ranks how quickly people burn through each show.

They found that the genre is the biggest factor when it comes to how quickly people binge a show. They measure it by people who ‘savour’ a show, versus people who ‘devour’ them.

They reported that Savored shows were completed in an average of six days, while devoured shows only took four days to finish.

So what shows were devoured? Thrillers, horror shows, sci-fi series, and action-adventure stories. I guess the show creators get you right on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting to find the killer faster.

Netflix Binge Scale
Photo credit: Netflix


The fact that dramatic comedies are not the most devoured shocks me!