These Carpets Are Actually Good For Your Health

Revamp or renovation? New home or new look? It might actually be that health is your biggest incentive for and reward from new carpet.

In our damp and cool winter climate, new carpet gives us some substantial benefits. Carpet’s insulation qualities drastically reduce heat loss through the floor. That’s a great start.

New advancements in carpet like the increasingly popular Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) carpet can also help relieve symptoms associated with allergies and asthma because it does not fluff like traditional wool carpets.

The real pulling power of SDN however is its stain and fade resistance which will save you time and money in the long run.

So, what price then to get these health, insulation and lifespan benefits?

Smaller homes and baches can be refurnished from as little as $3950 including GST and installation through Harrisons Carpet.

Don’t let the price fool you; the entire Harrisons carpet stable hasn’t compromised on quality – longevity here is the true measure with over 50 years of history.

From first home buyers to those building the dream, imagine taking off your shoes and feeling the luxury of quality New Zealand carpet yourselves.

All of the Harrisons franchises in New Zealand are 100% locally owned and operated so you’ll have no problem getting one of their almost 50 mobile retailers over for a free measure, price on the spot and test run of loads of samples, including vinyl.

If an interior decorator isn’t in your budget, Harrisons’ carpet colours are already expertly matched to Resene’s paint ranges so they will know what will work in your home.

For more information contact Harrisons Carpet