These Facts About How Teenagers Use The Internet Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Back when I was a teen having a mobile phone was a luxury, it was used to text my parents to let them know I was home safe and I was limited to about 500 texts a month to send to my friends, of course I always went over. There was no camera, no Internet, the most exciting part of the phone was the fact I could drop it and not have a mini heart attack and that I could play snake on it! Now, teens are gramming their meals and their flawless eyeliner – where is the awkward blue eye shadow stage?

The team at Rawhide Boys Ranch took a look at data and examined how teens actually use their tech products and it is shocking!

Teens today spend 300% more time in front of a screen than teens in 1995 did, and I thought I watched a lot of tele as a teen! The worst part? Digital media is more popular with teens than sleep.

As you can see from the info-graphic teens mostly use smartphones, which any of us could have told you! You just need to walk past a bus stop after school to see kids no longer talking but with their eyes glued to their screens.

According to the research, parents have no idea how much their children actually spend online, estimating they spend about 3 hours a day compared to the 9 hours they actually spend on it.

The rest of the data is just as shocking!


Image credit: Rawhide Boys Ranch

What happened to playing outside or actually going and seeing their friends?