These Photos Prove That Emma Bunton Is Still Baby Spice

Baby Spice was always my favourite, I mean she wore pink dresses, pigtails and a necklace with her name on it – who didn’t dress up like her at least once!

Spice Girls days are nothing but a mere memory now and it is hard to believe that the former Spice Girl is now 40! She still looks like she has a wardrobe full of pink fluffy pieces and named necklaces.

Instead, she is a mother of two and has upped her wardrobe, taking inspiration from Posh Spice while keeping her own girly touch.

Emma proved that she is still Baby Spice when she turned up to the premiere of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in London looking like she had not aged a day!

#britmemories Ben Elton!!!

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Bet the other Spice Girls wish they could borrow this outfit!