These Tampons Can Help Survivors Of Abuse

Shopping for sanitary products is the bane of many women’s days. Not only is the experience itself expensive and annoying, but the occasion doesn’t help. The one thing that we do forget is that something this small and simple is a luxury to so many New Zealanders.

Every night around 165 women and children find themselves sleeping at the Women’s Refuge safe houses. These women have left their homes with no personal possessions, no money – nothing.


These women don’t have the ‘luxury’ of shopping for something as vital as sanitary products. Rather than sit back, BON tampons have created a scheme that makes helping other women easier than ever.

With every pack of the tampons you buy, which also happen to be certified organic and nasties free, one pack is donated to the women’s refuge.

Buy BON online today and for every pack you buy we will donate another to a women in need x

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Chief executive of Women’s Refuge Dr Ang Jury are humbled by the support and the reconition of this problem. “This is the sort of product that is vital to women, but almost falls into a luxury category in times of stress and hardship.”

“Accessing the most basic items such as sanitary products can be difficult and is sometimes the last thing on women’s minds, so being able to offer a quality product like this can offer a small but hugely significant impact on their wellbeing.”

Founder and director of Bon Organic Tampons, Rhys Clareburt, said when BON started gaining traction in the market he began looking for ways to give back to the community, and after consulting his team and external advisers Women’s Refuge topped the list of potential recipients.

It has been a successful plan and already off to a great start.

“In the first month of 2017 we have been able to make our first donation of 350 packs, enough to cover the monthly cycles of all women housed in Women’s Refuge’s Auckland safe houses.”

I don’t know about you, but when something I need to buy becomes a way of helping people in need I am all for it!

Plus, these tampons come in a eco-friendly biodegradable tube that does not get crushed in your handbag! You can get your hands on these tampons from pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

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