3 things you can do today to start your job search

When you are considering new career opportunities, it can be hard to know where to start. Perhaps you have been in your current role for a while and feel a little overwhelmed with being on the job hunt again. Where do you even start? We have listed below three simple things you can action today to get clarity and start your journey.

Digital Profile

There is no question that since social media began in 2004, the digital landscape in general has exploded. Everything and everyone is now more connected than ever before. You can order restaurant quality food through your mobile phone and have it delivered to your door without leaving your couch. You can speak to friends or family on the other side of the world with a press of a button. Job hunting is no different. There is now a myriad of ways in which to present yourself to prospective new employers and be front of mind with recruiters. The best place to start is with LinkedIn.

At a bare minimum, you should have an up to date LinkedIn profile. This includes a current job history, an up to date profile picture and change your settings to let recruiters know that you’re open to receiving job opportunities.

Talk about it

You may need to be discrete at your current workplace, but talk about your desire to make a change with friends and family. Talk about what you are looking for, what industry or role you find interesting, and start the conversation. Look for networking opportunities to expand your circle of contacts. Build confidence by meeting new people and learning what opportunities are available. If you are not sure where you want to step to next, discussing it with those you trust will help you identify what your next step might be. Everyone has different acquaintances and many job offers come from people you know and who have recommended you.


Momentum builds momentum. Start doing and take some action. Research ways you can volunteer your time in an industry which you’re interested in working in. Enrol in that course or in further education. If you are still unsure what you want to do, then start doing activities that will create momentum. Take a cooking class, learn a new language, join a gym or start learning through podcasts and audiobooks. Look for ways that will change your current lifestyle, bring you new skills and experiences and enhance your potential. Maybe your blog can land you a dream job!


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