This Baby Was Fat-Shamed And His Mums Response Was Amazing

Unfortunately body-shaming is becoming common in our society, however in February it hit a whole new low. 10-month-old Landon Benton was subject to fat-shaming, with people calling him ‘stuff-curry’ due to his uncanny resemblance to basketballer Steph Curry. Of course, the shamers thought they were being clever with the name, while also making fun of the child’s size.

His mother,  Jessica, was at first upset by the name and shocked that people would make such negative comments about a baby. After all, who fat-shames a baby?

However, Jessica decided to tackle the problem head first and took hold of the nickname and ran with it.

“I wanted to really turn it into something good and take control of it and say, ‘OK, we’re gonna own this name. Yeah, we’re Stuff Curry. We look like the famous basketball player,’” she told ESPN.

The heartbreaking truth behind the Landon family is that Jessica lost her 20-year-old son to suicide when she was pregnant with Landon. She recalled her son telling her that he was bullied at high-school and does not want that happening to Landon.

“I can’t say it’s directly due to bullying or anything, but I have one kid who’s not here with me who told me that people made fun of him. I’m not going to have another kid think that the whole world was laughing at him,” she said.

The mother turned an awful situation in to something that adorable, but also with an incredible message.




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