This Common Mistake Is Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss

I hate to break it to you, but nearly all of us are guilty of this one simple thing that is completely sabotaging your weight-loss. There are no amount of weights you can lift or km’s you can run that will counteract this one common mistake.

What is the mistake you desperately ask? You are not getting enough sleep.

You know those days where you are really tired and all you want to do is snack – normally super unhealthy food like cheeseburgers and chips. This happens because you did not get your 7-8 hours of sleep and your ghrelin level gets off and in turn your leptin levels goes down. Sounds okay? Well, it isn’t because your leptin levels are what suppress your appetite. A study found that sleep loss enhances ‘hedonic stimulus’ in the brain underlying the drive to consume food.

The constant need and desire to snack sabotages your weight-loss dramatically, a lot of studies even connect sleep deprivation with obesity.

Of course, having a busy lifestyle can make it difficult to get your 7-8 hours…lets be honest if we cut out our obsession with late night Netflix and chill we would be a lot closer to 7 hours!