We All Want To Shop Ethically And This Is How To Do It

It is nearly impossible to know whether the clothes you are buying are free from child labour and very few of us understand the true cost of our fashion choices. Considering clothing and footwear are the second most polluting industries in the world, after oil, it is something we ought to take a lot more seriously than many of us do.

A few weeks ago we shared a list of New Zealand’s ethical fashion companies and it as a bit of a shock! Kmart came out above Karen Walker and the best place to shop was Zara.

Of course, we all want to shop in an ethical way, but it can be pretty difficult to figure out where each brand stands on things such as child labour, the environment and animal testing. Thankfully, there is now an easier way and it is so close to being at your finger tips.

The godmother you need is in your phone in an app called Good On You, which uses the information from the Baptist World Aid Report. It is a free app , but unfortunately it is not yet available in New Zealand as it still requires crowdfunding.

The app promises to provide ethical and sustainable ratings for over 350 popular clothing brands in New Zealand, giving you all you need to shop in an ethical manner.

“As Kiwis seek more information about the clothes they’re buying they’re finding it challenging to determine just how sustainable or ethical brands really are,” said Lead Catalyst of Sustainable Projects Bec McMaster,  who has partnered with Good On You Australia.

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With just 11 days to go on their crowdfunding we can hope that this becomes a reality and shopping will not only be enjoyable but guilt-free.