This Horrifying Video May Make You Think Twice About Painting Your Nails

It is safe to say we are all nail polish addicts, swapping up our nail colour and trend on a regular basis. The only downside to this regular change is the damaging effects of nail polish remover, something we all know is not good for our nails.

But are we really aware of how powerful acetone is?

A video has recently surfaced that shows just how potent nail polish remover really is,  something you might not want to watch if you tend to rinse your nails in nail polish remover on a regular basis.

In the video, three Styrofoam cups are disintegrated into a foamy muck just seconds after they touch the pool of acetone.

Acetone is an ingredient dominant in in most nail polish removers, and these powerful removers are generally not as effective in removing your polish if they are missing acetone, now we know why!

If you have a spare styrofoam cup lying around you might want to give it a try – or not.